Grow your Revenues, Relationships & Reputations

Looking for suppliers or services?

Expand your purchasing reach from raw materials to manufacturing, assembly to transportation. Focus on details instead of marketing hype and replace time-intensive searches or requests for proposals.

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Looking for new customers or markets?

Expand your sales exposure. Seeking new customers, partners, distributors or locations? Receive warm, confidential introductions from global professionals and save on marketing, cold calls and travel costs.

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Are you a go-to professional?

Generate finder’s fees by connecting colleagues to opportunities, or facilitate deals in your supply chain from intro-to-close.

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Are you an expert?

Expand your services or expertise such as funding, integration, customs & freight, to members seeking expertise during negotiations or delivery.

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What Our Customers Say

“Synesphere should be an essential toolkit for anyone managing the exchange of complex products or services involving multiple parties. Expectations can be established early and each party held accountable and rated on performance.”

Andrew Stewart
CEO, SBR Connections Ltd.
Victoria, BC

“Within minutes of registering with Synesphere, I was put in touch with the supplier I needed to make my business grow. Synesphere delivered for me and I know it will do the same for you.”

Tony Mirza
CEO, AEnviro
Ottawa, ON

Partners, Alliances and Affiliates


Synergistically Meet, Match & Make Deals

Syntelligence works for you

Syntelligence auto-matches posts, alerts interested members, and identifies potential services (i.e. engineering, maintenance) during negotiations.

Performance = Growth

Research member’s performance ratings, reviews and profiles, then rate the members you work with: buyer, seller and connector.

From staff to c-suite

Invite your staff, your boss or experts to the negotiation table.  Conduct multi-party discussions, share documents and collaborate with your team. Close combination product-service deals on-line saving travel costs.

A safe sphere

SyneSphere tracks your introductions & deal room activities.  Safely exchange documents, specifications and agreements, with flexibility and control from employee permissions to finder’s fees.

Our Programs

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