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Become a Go-To Professional

Do you know suppliers for specific products, services, industries, or supply chains?

  • Receive finder’s fees or commissions for your knowledge, time and contacts.
  • Match needs and suppliers for multiple companies, without being an employee.
  • Simply introduce, or facilitate the negotiation on behalf of your clients.
  • Manage multiple deals. Tracked, secure, confidential, from intro to close.
  • Receive notifications in your Inbox of all your referral and deal activities.
  • Promote integrity and accountability by measuring a payor’s performance.

Supplement your income, while expanding your relationships and reputation.

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Professional Connector Memberships

All Synesphere members may make introductions, however, Professional Connector Memberships are business matchmakers and do not necessarily advertise, sell or offer specific products or services of their own.

Corporate Members may choose to offer finder’s fees for successful deals on either side of the buy-sell equation. Fees may be fixed amounts, percentages or negotiable, and can be one-time, recurring, staged, split, combinations, or whatever suits their needs and profit margins.

As a Professional Connector, you can take advantage of their needs and offers:

  • Be rewarded for your time, knowledge and contacts by successfully matching needs and offers from multiple firms or sectors, from raw materials to resellers, without being an employee.
  • Be anonymous in that you will not receive commercial solicitations directly from members. You may set your profile to receive specific sector opportunities in your Inbox, or simply check the Dashboard. The corporate posting member will only become aware of you, when you respond or make a referral to their marketplace post.
  • Safely and confidentially connect, arrange commissions or working agreements, and introduce your clients or colleagues in virtual deal rooms. Synesphere systematically tracks all needs, offers, introductions, and deal activities, so you don’t have to.

Synesphere does not take a portion of finder’s fees. For those restricted from accepting fees or wish to contribute, Synesphere offers a charity option.

No locked in contracts. No limit to matchmaking opportunities.

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Professional Connections – How It Works

Matching Buyers and Sellers


Marketplace Posts:

The buyer, seller, or consultant on behalf of a buyer/seller, posts their detailed product-service needs or offers, and identifies their target sectors and locations. The post details may include specifications, quantities, mandatory requirements, service dates and other pertinent details.

The system delivers the posts to interested suppliers and professional connectors, locally or globally.

Private Posts:

Members may alternately send private, targeted opportunities to identified recipients, such as Request for Tender/Estimates for solutions, products, services and/or projects.

Receiving Posts

Members may check the Dashboard for the latest activities anytime, from any device, or they can receive timely, relevant opportunities in their Inbox according to their industry preferences.

Note: If you respond to a post (either direct response or referral) and have hidden your name, and the recipient accepts your “Request to Connect”, the identities/profiles of each party are provided within a secure deal room in order to conduct due diligence.

Acceptance of a connection request does not constitute an obligation, only opens a confidential discussion/deal room.

Negotiate On-­line

Save travel costs with secure, on-line discussion and negotiation rooms. Collaborate, share documents, engage expert advice, and reach agreements. Automated activity and document tracking saves you time and helps smooth out communications, negotiations and delivery, and provides an audit log of every deal.

As a Professional Connector, we suggest two options for managing your deals:

  • If you want to introduce a contact/client, but are not an expert in their field, you can create a finder’s fee or sales commission contract, then introduce and transfer the ownership of the deal room to your contact. Synesphere will place you as Connector/referrer and notify you on completion or termination of the deal.
  • If you are experienced in contracting the specific product/service, you can create an appropriate working or commission agreement, and negotiate on behalf of your client.

In any deal room, you may invite experts, from your lawyer to industry specialists (i.e. linguistics and logistics in Brazil). Leverage experts to help clarify, collaborate or assist in negotiations or delivery. You are in control. Set their permissions to participate in specific discussions, share documents, etc.

Accountability, Relationships and Reputations

Synesphere promotes professionalism, accountability and a safe business environment. Upon closure or termination of each deal, the buyer, seller and connector measure quality and performance.

Performance metrics and testimonials help you build your reputation as a “go-to professional”.

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