Experienced Professionals

From Materials to Maintenance

Synesphere Experts and Professional Services are experienced individuals or companies that have done it before, and contract their services to other members, when, where, & how they need it.

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Experienced Professionals

Individuals or specialists within companies that have a combination of education, skills and in-depth experience in a specific industry sector, product or service, and who offer their guidance or hands-on expertise to others, usually in the form of interim or project-based contracts.

Sample Expert Services
Beyond Core Competencies

  • Design, Development, Engineering
  • Strategic Planning, Project Management
  • Industry or Country-­‐Specific:
    • Legal, Customs, Taxes, Franchising
    • Translation and Product Labelling
    • Environmental & Risk Assessments…

Professional Services

Services that assist companies with a specific need or aspect of their value chain, such as products, services, projects or supply chain components.

Services are usually procured on an outsourced, alliance, partner or contract basis.

Sample Professional Services
One-­time… On-­going

  • Manufacturing, Assembly, Info Systems
  • Finance, Payroll, Marketing, Sales
  • Country or Culture Specific:
    • Telecommunications, Escrow, Insurance
    • Warehousing, Distribution, Logistics
    • On-­site Installation, Maintenance…

Offering Professional Services – How It Works

    • Synesphere enables members to promote their expertise or professional service, by industry sector and location (i.e. locally, regionally, nationally, globally) and receive “Requests to Connect” either through our Expert Connections or our proprietary Syntelligence engine.
    • Expert profiles are appended to your primary Corporate Member profile, and use the United Nations table of products/services as a basis for consistent, global terminology. At any time, members may search for expertise, and experts/special services are highlighted in appropriate deal rooms.
    • As an expert, you may accept or reject requests to connect. Upon acceptance of a request, the system opens a confidential discussion/deal room where you can discuss needs and agreements. You are under no obligation to create a contract or provide the service, but
      hopefully you will reach an agreement. Synesphere does not participate in member agreements or take a portion of commissions.
    • Synesphere welcomes articles from experienced professionals. If you wish your article to reach our members and connections, send in a copy for consideration at contact@synesphere.com.
    • To discuss and add expert categories to your profile: contact@synesphere.com.

As an expert, you may also buy, sell or connect others on Synesphere.

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