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Professional Services and Value Chains

Expand Your Reach, Revenues and Capabilities

Our integrated world has increased customer expectations, from 24/7 support to turnkey solutions. Competitive pressures compel small-medium businesses to act, regardless of budgets or resources.

Out-perform your competitors. Leverage global expertise and targeted services. From engineering to financial management, access makes all the difference:

  • Specialists provide in-depth knowledge and the experience of having done it before.
  • Complementary providers fill gaps, extend capabilities, and support supply chains.
  • Professional Connectors have networks and can refer qualified customers, suppliers and services.

Enhance customer experiences by offering richer solutions.
Expand your capabilities from alliances to sub-contractors.
Expand your business, locally, regionally or globally.

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The Synesphere Difference

Traditional marketplaces only utilize direct suppliers and service providers. With Synesphere, you can now expand your purchasing reach, capabilities and sales exposure without incurring overhead or employee expenses.

Members may offer finder’s fees or commissions for successful deals, and leverage the expansive networks and in-depth industry, product or service experience of other suppliers and professional connectors, such as ex-owners, consultants or part-time executives.

Warm introductions save time and money, and lead to:

  • Quality suppliers;
  • Faster acquisitions;
  • New relationships and clients, and
  • Increased brand awareness.

Finder’s fees and sales commissions are optional and are only between members.

To promote quality referrals and a safe environment, the buyer, seller and connector conduct member-to-member performance evaluations at the close or termination of every deal.

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How it Works


5 Easy Steps:

  1. Let customers, suppliers and services know who and what you need or offer with detailed marketplace posts.
  2. Auto-matching and delivery enables direct responses and warm introductions.
  3. Safely discuss, share documents, negotiate and close on-line.
  4. Measure member performance to promote professionalism and ethics, and build your reputation.
  5. Create and manage secondary deals, which arise from your first deal, from raw materials to experts.

With Synesphere, there are no locked in contracts, and no limit to your reach, locally, regionally, or internationally.

Let the system do the matching, delivery and tracking, so you don’t have to.

Where else can you expand your purchasing reach, capabilities and sales exposure for less than a coffee a day?

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