The Hidden Costs

purchasers-img115% of Salaries are Wasted on Marketing Hype

How fast would you react if your financials demonstrated you were throwing away the productivity of 1 senior staff for every 7 employees?

What would be the impact on costs and deadlines?

Studies show ~90% of senior industrial staff waste a day a week bouncing from site to site, conducting on- line research and evaluation, in order to purchase materials, equipment, products, and services.

Why? Until now, Marketing has controlled information access, from channels to details. Their goal of slowly influencing followers and capturing customer behaviours, serves them, instead of you.

We put control in your hands.

Welcome to Synesphere’s B2B smart marketplace:
One platform. One process. Unlimited possibilities.

  • Now you can focus on targeted visibility, relevance and timeliness.
  • Put your needs into the right inboxes with auto-matching and delivery.
  • Securely negotiate on-line, from anywhere, anytime, on any device.
  • Transform your supply chain into a global supply community.

Take Control Now

Expand Your Reach

Reduce time. Reduce risks. Expand relationships.

Synesphere brings a third dimension to the buy-sell equation.

Supply chains intersect and overlap across sectors from materials to maintenance. Leverage the synergy of the sphere by connecting with suppliers and related services, locally, regionally or internationally.

50% of value-added trade comes from the Commercial Services that work with and support manufacturing, technology and other industries.

Are you teaming up with service providers to design and deliver a richer customer experience?

Are you leveraging their professional knowledge and networks?

A warm introduction can avoid lengthy supply chain disruptions and delivery penalties, expand your purchasing reach, and save time finding qualified suppliers or service providers.

Incentivize other professionals into considering your needs and making warm introductions by offering finder’s fees. Finder’s fees are only paid for successful deals and may be fixed amounts or percentages, one-time, recurring, or any other structure that works for you. Finder’s fees are optional, and Synesphere does not take a portion of these fees.

Purchasing Benefits

Save time. Save money. Expand relationships.

  1. Expand your supply base with warm introductions, which lowers supply chain costs and risks, from delays and disruptions to late delivery penalties.
  2. Find, refer, connect, negotiate and close deals on one secure B2B platform.
  3. One process unleashes unlimited possibilities, from auto-delivery of detailed needs, to evaluating responses and closing deals, anywhere, anytime, on any device.
  4. Save purchasing time and money:
    1. No bouncing site to site for product/service research, self-education and evaluation;
    2. Receive multiple confidential responses, warm introductions, proposals and/or solutions;
    3. Save travel costs by using secure, on-line negotiation rooms;
    4. Increase purchasing confidence by accessing experts and special services (i.e. country specific legal, financial, freight, industry);
    5. Improve records management with automated tracking:
      • Your posts, responses, referrals, and deal activities/documents;
      • CASL/CAN-SPAM connections;
      • Assists with requirement/agreement clarification during delivery.

Improve your purchasing process, for less than a coffee a day.

Take Control Now

How it Works


5 Easy Steps:

  1. Let customers, suppliers and services know who and what you need or offer with detailed marketplace posts.
  2. Auto-matching and delivery enables direct responses and warm introductions.
  3. Safely discuss, share documents, negotiate and close on-line.
  4. Measure member performance to promote professionalism and ethics, and build your reputation.
  5. Create and manage secondary deals, which arise from your first deal, from raw materials to experts.

With Synesphere, there are no locked in contracts, and no limit to your reach, locally, regionally, or internationally.

Let the system do the matching, delivery and tracking, so you don’t have to.

Where else can you expand your purchasing reach, capabilities and sales exposure for less than a coffee a day?

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