Suppliers & Services:
The Challenge of Finding Customers

Tired of Rolling the Dice?

To find supply chain and business customers and be heard above the noise, marketing gurus tell us we need to maintain more than a dozen current, engaging, professionally laid-out marketing tactics, from videos to social media.

With limited time, resources, and an average $4,300/year budget, the odds of an industrial product or professional service going viral, is marginally worse than winning the lottery.

Stop rolling the dice and make marketing meaningful.

Expand sales and exposure without the overhead.

Expand user experience and capabilities.

Expand revenues, relationships and reputations.

A few minutes can make all the difference:

  • Marketplace: local, global, no hype, relevant and timely
  • Materials, equipment, products, services, projects …
  • Meet, match, and make deals.
  • Anytime.  Any device.

Generate Revenues through Relevance.

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Unleash the Network

Over 99% of companies have less than 250 employees.  Agility may have increased the speed and scope of innovation and options, but smaller companies lack the budgets and resources to manage design, marketing, sales and delivery in today’s global environment.

By leveraging the knowledge and networks of a global professional community, smaller companies can expand their sales force without bearing additional costs of in-house resources and overhead.


“I know many suppliers, and with Synesphere I can sell for hundreds of companies across multiple sectors, instead of just one.”

Former owner, manufacturing

Incentivize experienced professionals into considering your needs, making warm introductions or facilitating deals by offering finder’s fees or sales commissions.   Fees can be one-time, recurring, staged, combinations, or whatever suits your business.  Commissions expand your reach and are optional between members.  Pay for success, not overhead.

Unleash your imagination by offering turnkey solutions or a richer customer experience beyond your core competencies by creating teams, joint ventures, sub-contracts or other relationships, locally, regionally, or globally.

Attract serious buyers with timely relevance.   Sales/Offers are posted for up to 90 days and each post creates multiple, customized product/service deals. Duplicate and modify posts for each sector and location (i.e. worldwide, continent, province/state), and let the system deliver them.

Reduce cold calling and increase your responsiveness.  When potential customers seek products, services or solutions, you can receive their detailed needs in your inbox.  Secure on-line deal rooms enable you to discuss customer requirements, conduct due diligence, negotiate and close.

Performance measurements promote professionalism, accountability and a safe business environment. Upon closure or termination of each deal, the buyer, seller and connector measure quality and performance.

Now you can build your reputation as a “go-to professional” within a sphere of professionals.

Target specific audiences or quietly invite prospective clients into virtual deal rooms.  Be the one to impress by creating a professional presence and competitive advantage.  As a member, you can invite others to participate in a deal as a buyer, seller or expert without them becoming a member.  You receive all the benefits of a secure deal room, from deal tracking to a standard, shared process, customizable to your needs.

Are you an expert?  For those experienced professionals that offer industry, product or service expertise or special services, you can receive “Requests to Connect” either through our expert connections or Syntelligence engine; then discuss your services in confidential discussion/deal rooms.  You may accept/reject requests with no obligation, and are free to create contracts that suit your needs.

Synesphere does not participate in member agreements or take a portion of commissions.   Contact us at to discuss and add expert categories to your profile.

Need something or someone after you win a deal?

Synesphere lets you switch roles anytime.

Sell one day, buy the next, or provide expertise.

The choice is yours.

B2B Sales Benefits

Save time. Expand exposure. Increase revenues.

  1. Focus on product-service details, not marketing hype.
  2. Expand your sales exposure instead of your budget, resources and travel costs.
  3. Reduce editing, copyrighting, professional layouts, overhead and sales employee expenses.
  4. Find, connect, negotiate and close deals on one secure, mobile platform with auto matching, delivery and alerts.
  5. Invite non-member prospective clients directly into deal rooms;
  6. Expand your offers and capabilities with alliances, experts or sub-contractors.
  7. Improve records management of posts, responses and deal activities with auto tracking.
  8. Improve post-sales delivery communication and customer service.

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How it Works


5 Easy Steps:

  1. Let customers, suppliers and services know who and what you need or offer with detailed marketplace posts.
  2. Auto-matching and delivery enables direct responses and warm introductions.
  3. Safely discuss, share documents, negotiate and close on-line.
  4. Measure member performance to promote professionalism and ethics, and build your reputation.
  5. Create and manage secondary deals, which arise from your first deal, from raw materials to experts.

With Synesphere, there are no locked in contracts, and no limit to your reach, locally, regionally, or internationally.

Let the system do the matching, delivery and tracking, so you don’t have to.

Where else can you expand your purchasing reach, capabilities and sales exposure for less than a coffee a day?

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Start building your revenues, relationships and reputation today.

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