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Bootcamp Series

making-deal-verticalImprove your negotiation skills and grow your business with Synesphere’s suite of Webinar Bootcamp Training modules, which compliment our easy 5-step Connect to Close mobile platform.

These modules are perfect if you’re looking to grow your business and want control over when and where you learn.

Our training modules help you improve your ability to:

  • Differentiate and communicate your capabilities and value in a global marketplace;
  • Expand your choice of suppliers and clarify your purchasing evaluation processes;
  • Lower your marketing and purchasing costs while expanding your reach;
  • Expand your sales exposure by leveraging a targeted, professional community; and
  • Negotiate and close brilliant business deals, to expand your revenues, relationships and reputation.

To put that knowledge into immediate action, you will receive a full 12-month corporate membership into Synesphere, a professional, mobile global marketplace. Plus you’ll gain access to our on-line chat rooms where you can share challenges and ideas with other like-minded professionals.

Start finding, connecting, negotiating and closing brilliant deals, locally, regionally or globally.

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Global-Community-22310536_mSynesphere Bootcamp Training Modules

To reap the rewards like big business, smaller companies need to mimic a few of their techniques, without spending the same amount of time, money and effort.

Attracting the right deal, starts with setting up your needs and offers to create a choice, and concludes by using techniques and tools to negotiate, manage and close deals, which lead to more deals.

Raise the bar and become the one to impress. Learn how to manage and close brilliant deals, whether you are sitting in a boardroom or negotiating from a ski hill.


The pre-training worksheets will enable you to do a current state assessment of your company, which will prepare you for Module 1.

Module 1

Differentiators, the Key to a Competitive Edge

In Part A of this foundation module, you’ll discover why some of our traditional business models have been turned upside-down, and why some of your efforts may not be creating the results you envision.

In Part B, you’ll discover how easy it is to:

  • Define what’s relevant, creates value and differentiates you from your competitors to create a competitive edge; and
  • Quickly identify where to focus your efforts;

This foundation will prepare you for the next modules.

Module 2

B2B Selling: Generating Revenues Through Relevance

In Module 2, you will learn how to quickly demonstrate your experience, differentiators and capabilities, then say it once, and sell it many times, without being salesy, or requiring writers or graphic artists.

Learn how to create standard offers, customize, or team-up to meet your customer’s complex product, service or project needs.

Discover how to expand your sales exposure, attract interested buyers and get past the gatekeeper, without spending hours researching, cold calling, or creating marketing hype.

Module 3

The Art of B2B Purchasing

In this module, you’ll learn how to find exactly who or what you need, when, where and how you need it. This module includes:

  1. Purchasing strategy and techniques;
  2. How to structure your needs; and
  3. Synesphere how to buy tutorial.

Learn how quickly you can make a simple request for help or expertise. Then discover how to attract multiple, qualified, suppliers, services or experts without spending hours or days surfing the net.

As a buyer, you’ll discover how to set up your deal right from the start. To get the results you want, you’ll learn when and how to use mandatories and desirables.

As a seller, you’ll learn how to decipher your customers’ needs and improve your responses and proposals so they want to talk to you, instead of your competitors.

Module 4

Connecting and Expanding Your Reach

In this module, you’ll discover the 3rd dimension of business, and learn how to expand your purchasing reach and sales exposure, while paying for success not overhead. Learn how to supplement your income and build your reputation as a ‘go-to’ professional.

You’ll discover how to get paid for leveraging your network and experience, by connecting multiple buyers and sellers without being an employee, or becoming an exclusive agent, unless, of course, that’s what you’re looking for.

Module 5

Negotiating Brilliant Deals

Understand how to structure deals from 3 sides of the negotiation table. Discover how to manage your deals quickly, safely and effectively, while avoiding pitfalls that can lead to arguments and financially impact your delivery and reputation.

Learn how to raise the bar, create a professional presence, and influence the other party’s behaviours so you become the one to impress.

Discover how quickly, easily and securely you can manage and track multiple deals, collaborate with your team, the other party or experts.


  1. Strategy and techniques
  2. Exercises to solidify what you learn
  3. How to meet, match and make deals on Synesphere
  4. 6 monthly on-line group sessions. Each session will focus on a topic. You can ask questions, and share challenges and ideas with like-minded professionals.
  5. 12 month full Corporate Membership to Synesphere.

What’s Your Future Worth?

Bootcamp Step-by-step Webinar Series

5 Bootcamp training modules (10 sessions) $ 2,000
12-month full Corporate Synesphere membership $ 600
6 monthly on-line group sessions $ 1,200
Plus access to experts / questions
$ 75
* taxes not included
$ 3,875

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Let Your Business Take Flight Bootcamp Guarantee

You are protected by our Business Take Flight Bootcamp guarantee. Our mission is to help you grow your company and become the business you envision. We know if you follow the steps, do the work, and get involved, you will transform your business and your life. Just to back that up, we’ll give you 30 days to live with the process and do the work and decide if it’s for you. If you decide it’s not, just let us know and we’ll give you a full refund for the course tuition, no questions asked.

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